Barry Johnson

I started smoking at 16 years old and smoked 1 to 2 packs everyday for 44 years. My wife wanted us to quit so we went to the doctor and got a prescription of Chantix. That didn’t work out at all, we ready to kill each other. We went to a family members funeral and her cousin and his girlfriend had Electronic cigarettes. My wife liked it and wanted 1. A guy I worked with showed up 1 and I asked him he bought it.
My wife and I went to ***** **** in Florence Alabama. A very friendly lady showed us all the different vapes. I chose a high nicotine dose to help replace the cigarettes. It took a week or so for it to finally start satisfy my cravings.
Then whenever I started to notice the juice lasting longer I would cut back on the nicotine strength.
I vaped for a total of 13 months and layed it down after smoking cigarettes for 44 years.
When I started vaping I couldn’t stand the tobacco flavors, I only vaped strawberry and watermelon.
I hope this helps someone who is trying to quit

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