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Get Involved!

Members often tell us they don’t have a lot of time or money, but they want to help. In addition to sharing information and recruiting new members, here are some ways to help that cost you only a little time and effort. 

Join the 200,000+ CASAA members today.

If you haven’t yet, make sure you join CASAA. It’s quick and it’s free! By signing up, you add your contact information to CASAA’s database. This allows us to email you with information on federal, state, and local issues that affect you. We take your privacy seriously, and we never share your personal information or our email list.

Write down and SAVE your story.

CASAA frequently posts Calls to Action and links to articles, asking you to share your story with lawmakers and the media. Be prepared by taking some time to write down important facts, such as:

  • How you discovered electronic cigarettes or other smoke-free alternatives
  • What methods you have used previously to try to quit smoking and how they worked for you
  • How the product helped you quit smoking
  • How it has affected your health
  • What features of the product are important to helping you quit (ie. flavors, nicotine strengths, types of devices)
  • How use bans and sales restrictions would affect your ability to stay quit

Submit Your Testimonial.

Now that you have your story written down, please submit it to CASAA’s Testimonial Project.

Stay Informed and Join the Conversation.

It’s important to learn and stay informed! CASAA has members discussing the issues on social media and on forums. Join us on Facebook, the We are CASAA Facebook group, Twitter, the CASAA Forum on E-Cigarette-Forum.com, Instagram and Google+. You can find all the links here.

Participate in a Call to Action.

Calls to Action are issued for state (including large metropolitan areas) and federal-level legislation.  If are a registered CASAA member, you will get an email notifying you of an opportunity to take action in your city or state when the time is right.  CASAA prepares and posts Calls to Action on our blog, emails membership in the affected area, and then syndicates links out to Facebook, our RSS feed, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.

Calls to Action include a brief summary of how the threatened action would impact consumers, any information regarding upcoming hearings, as well as a link to the bill, ordinance, or regulation.  Calls to Action typically include a link to a pre-written, editable email letter that will be sent to your elected officials.  When the information is available, we will also include members of the committee that is scheduled to hear the bill.  Using our system to respond to a Call to Action typically takes less than a few minutes.

CASAA also issues Local Alerts for smaller municipalities (time permitting) and rebroadcasts information on local issues produced by various state and regional organizations.

Calls to Action are the cornerstone of CASAA activism. Residents contacting their lawmakers (especially by phone and in person) and showing up to tell their story at hearings is by far the most effective grassroots way of combating harmful legislation. You cannot count on “someone else” going instead. The more people who show up to oppose a bill or ordinance, even if they do not all speak, the better the chances of blocking a bad law. Nothing makes politicians take pause more than seeing substantial opposition to a proposed law from their constituents. You can be sure that organizations supporting a bill will be there in force to convince lawmakers it should become law. Hearing your stories on how the law would negatively impact you and your family carries a lot of emotional weight – don’t underestimate that power!

It is equally important to show your support for the “good” laws such as simple bans on sales to minors and laws clearly designed to protect consumers. Send “thank you” notes to lawmakers who voted against bad laws!

Become an advocate.

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