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4.29.2020 – 5.1.2020
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Jackson, Wyoming Call to Action. CASAA calls out media bias. Judge allows FDA PMTA extension. Smoking/vaping COVID-19 research. Bad policies & bad advice. Junk vape science.

JACKSON, WYOMING: (CALL TO ACTION!) City Council is moving forward with proposals to ban the sale of vapor and tobacco products in flavors other than “tobacco” AND to ban public use of vapor products,including OUTDOORS! TAKE ACTION!WY – Jackson – Stop a Flavor Ban (May 4, 2020)
IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: (FDA) PMTA #vaping product deadline has been POSTPONED until 9/9/20, giving 4 more months to sell products that were on market prior to 11/8/16. After 9/9, those products w/out PMTA must also be removed from the market.#NoPMTA #VapingSavesLivesIt’s Official! PMTA Submission Deadline Will Move to Sept. 9th – Vaping360
ANTI-VAPING POLICIES: Anti-vaping efforts may have made Coronavirus crisis worse, experts say…

Politicians and anti-vaping groups “conflating the risks of smoking and vaping is both bad science and discourages smokers from making the switch.”

Anti-Vaping Efforts May Have Made Coronavirus Crisis Worse, Experts Say – InsideSources
RESEARCH: Anti-smoking bias caused the assumption of increased COVID-19 risks, but that isn’t being supported by the actual data. If smoking doesn’t increase COVID-19 risks, then low risk, smoke-free nicotine sources like vaping definitely don’t.

CASAA IN ACTION: One group the reporter called out was CASAA — referring to the largest non-profit, consumer harm reduction advocacy group in the country as merely “a website,” & called truthful statements regarding the lack of evidence linking #vaping to COVID-19 a “spin.”

CASAA CEO Responds to Biased Bloomberg Rag Decrying Bias, Slandering Advocates – CASAA
VAPE JUNK SCIENCE: Knowing full well that healing smoking damage can take years & w/out disclosing how recently subjects vaped, researchers claim vascular changes found in former-smoker vapers may mean smoking not a greater risk than #vaping. #QuitLying

BAD PUBLIC HEALTH POLICIES: Older smokers who had switched to e-cigarettes are turning back to traditional cigarettes because of negative news coverage and regulatory crackdowns on vaping.

Older Vapers Are Turning Back to Cigarettes, Marlboro Maker Says
QUIT OR DIE: Ohio doc still conflating illicit THC injuries with nicotine products & omits important CDC guidance (ie. don’t go back to smoking.) Essentially, “keep doing what failed in the past, even if that means smoking instead of switching to vaping.”

Ask a Doctor: Don’t trade cigs for vapes – The Lima News
RESEARCH: Dr. Farsalinos’ new peer-reviewed paper now published, finds nicotine could help control the hyper-immune response of the coronavirus. However, the hypothesis still needs to be tested and confirmed.

Editorial: Nicotine and SARS-CoV-2: COVID-19 may be a disease of the nicotinic cholinergic system – ScienceDirect

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