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WA – Emergency Alert! – Flavor Ban and Board of Health Meeting! (10-09-19)

[Updated – 10.03.19 – to include the PLB Facebook Event, below] [Updated – 10.03.19 – NEW LOCATION]

On Friday, September 27, Governor Jay Inslee announced that he would be issuing an executive order directing the state Board of Health to ban all flavored vaping products. This is a misguided approach that lacks a basic understanding of the public health crisis around black market oil-based cannabis products in states where marijuana is illegal.

The State Board of Health is being ordered to take up this issue at its next scheduled meeting on

Wednesday, October 9, 2019
9:30 AM – 3:45 PM
Seattle Airport Marriott
Washington Ballroom, (Salon C, D, E)
3201 South 176th Street
Seattle, WA

(monitor this site for changes)

Please make plans to attend this meeting. Comments should be very focused and to-the-point in communicating the truth of the science and data to the WA State Board of Health. Even if you do not plan to speak, your presence is important as it demonstrates the large numbers of people affected by this issue. Information and data is also being shared with the Secretary of Health, the Board, and the Governor’s Office, prior to this meeting.

Prior to the meeting, please send your comments to the state Board of Health.

TODAY, Make Calls to the following officials:

  • Secretary’s Office, State Department of Health:
  • (360) 236-4030
  • State Health Officer, Kathy Lofy, MD:
  • (360) 236-4246

Points to discuss on your call:

  • Tell your officials that banning legal, regulated sales of vapor products is doing more harm than good.
  • Legal, Regulated retailers ARE PART OF THE SOLUTION!
  • Briefly, share your story about switching to vaping.
  • Note what role the variety of flavors play in helping you live smoke free.
  • Note any health changes you’ve experienced since switching to vaping.
  • Thank them for their time; and,
  • that’s that 🙂

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  • RSVP to the event and get up to the minute details from the PLB on Facebook, here.

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