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NY – Keep Vapor Taxes OUT of the State’s Budget! (ENDED)

ENDED: In typical down-to-the-wire fashion, the New York legislature passed a budget for FY 2019 last week. The budget does NOT include a new tax on vapor products!

Special thanks are in order to everyone who took a moment to contact their officials urging them to remove the governor’s proposed tax on vaping.

Also thanks to the NYSVA and VTA for their on-the-ground efforts to oppose this tax and for keeping CASAA informed about the progression of this proposal. Cooperation and clear communication among our groups has been essential to keeping new vapor taxes out of New York’s state budget for the second year in a row.





(Original Post – 03.28.18)

In order for New York’s FY 2019 state budget to be passed on time, lawmakers in Albany need to finalize details this week. The budget is due on April 1st.

Included in this year’s budget is a proposal that would enact a new tax on vapor products. This tax rate could be anywhere from 10% to 40% of wholesale. Either proposal is unacceptable. Taxes which are intended to discourage use are inappropriate when applied to products that are saving people’s lives.

Please take action TODAY by sending a message to your New York lawmakers urging them to keep vapor taxes out of the budget!


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