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CT – Fight Back Against Vapor Taxes!

(Update – 06.05.19)

Connecticut’s budget bill (HB 7424) is now being debated in the Senate. The current tax being proposed for vapor products (Section 531) is 40c/mL on e-liquid in closed system products and a 10% wholesale tax on open system products (which includes devices and other hardware).

Please take action TODAY by calling your representative and urging them to reject extra taxes on life-saving alternatives to smoking. Specifically, we are opposed to section 531 in the budget bill (HB 7424, LCO# 10403).

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CASAA has learned that the current tax proposal was negotiated down from a much higher wholesale tax that did not make a distinction between open and closed systems. While this is certainly an improvement and CASAA does not begrudge Connecticut business owners who are working to find an equitable tax solution, we remain opposed to any extra taxes on vapor products and encourage our members to share this opposition with their lawmakers.

Make a Call – Talking Points

  • I am opposed to section 531 in the state’s budget bill, which would impose an unjustifiable extra tax on vapor products that are helping people like me quit smoking.
  • Briefly, share your story about switching to vapor products.
  • Please note any health changes that you have experienced as a result of switching to vaping or substantially reducing your smoking.

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