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CA – Cerritos – Stop an All-out Vapor Product Ban!

With sales of vapor products in stand-alone vape shops already banned in the City of Cerritos, local officials are intent on denying all residents access to safer alternatives to smoking by also banning sales in c-stores, gas stations, and grocery stores (Ordinance DCA 2019-5). The Council’s justification for completely banning the sale of vapor products cites CDC’s national health advisory regarding vaping lung injuries which has changed substantially since August 30 noting the investigation’s increasing focus on black market THC cartridges (which will remain unaffected by this ordinance). Cigarettes and other combustible tobacco products will remain the most popular and widely sold tobacco products in the city.

A public hearing for this ordinance is scheduled for:

Thursday, October 24, 2019

7:00 PM

City Council Chamber

18125 S. Bloomfield Ave.

Cerritos, CA


Please make plans to attend this hearing. Even if you do not plan to speak, your presence is important as it demonstrates the large numbers of people affected by this issue.

Prior to the hearing, please take a moment to contact council members by sending messages and making phone calls. We are providing contact information and talking points for your emails, phone calls, and spoken comments to the city council below.

  • Contact the City CouncilContact Form (3000 character limit)
Mayor Naresh Solanki (310) 720-0650 (Cell)
Mayor Pro Tem Frank Aurelio Yokoyama (310) 749-2845 (Cell) [email protected]
Jim Edwards (562) 924-6582
Grace Hu (562) 623-9872
Mark E. Pulido (562) 404-2343

Points to include in your emails, phone calls, and spoken comments:

  • Briefly, share your story about switching to vaping and what role that flavors played in helping you switch.
  • Note any health changes you’ve experienced.
  • Briefly, discuss what losing access to local vape shops will mean for you (Will you shop out-of-state, in neighboring cities, or online? Will you make your own e-liquid at home or purchase products on an underground market?).
  • Additional talking points for testimony and emails are available here.
  • Watch these comments from San Diego County Supervisor Kristin GasparYouTube 

Sample Message you can copy/paste into email forms (1386 characters):

(Please include your personal story about switching to vaping)

I am writing as a voter and taxpayer in Cerritos urging you to resist calls from well-meaning but misinformed activists to enact policies that would ban the sale of smoke-free alternatives to combustible tobacco. DCA 2019-5 will remove safer alternatives to smoking from store shelves while protecting sales of cigarettes. This is the exact opposite of protecting public health. A productive path forward must include adequate representation from all stakeholders – especially nicotine consumers.

Legitimate, regulated businesses play a vital role in ensuring that consumers have legal access to well-made products and keeping adult products out of the hands of young people. If these products are pushed into an underground market–where there is no oversight or motivation to comply with sales age restrictions–purchasing and consuming nicotine will be unnecessarily dangerous.

The recent outbreak of lung illnesses being broadly attributed to “vaping” by the CDC is a direct result of overbearing drug policy that encourages products to be made and sold by an underground, unregulated industry. Pushing currently legal nicotine products into such an environment might have similar results–including puting all consumers at greater risk.

I along with my fellow members of Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) thank you for considering my comments on this issue. Please keep me informed of developments in this matter. I look forward to your response on this issue and I am available for any questions you might have.


  • Recommendation by the Cerritos Planning Commission – Do Pass (includes a copy of the proposed ordinance)

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