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Become a CASAA Regional Representative

Thank you for getting involved! The more people CASAA has to watch out for legislation and ordinances, the more effective CASAA is at ensuring that smokeless alternatives remain available, affordable and effective!

What is a Regional Representative?
Regional representatives ("Regional Reps") are CASAA members who are the "ground troops" of the organization - the most valuable members are those who get involved! CASAA needs members to watch the news and if possible, local government web sites for proposed ordinances and legislation pertaining to e-cigarettes and other smokeless alternatives. If a Regional Rep sees something, they contact the CASAA board of directors via email and lets us know about it as soon as possible.

Other possible ways Regional Reps can help may include but are not limited to: being willing to write emails or letters and/or make phone calls to government officials in their area to oppose poor legislation and/or ordinances; contact other vapers, smokeless users and/or CASAA members in the area to alert them to Calls to Action; be active and aware of forums, articles and Facebook groups; and possibly testify or speak to officials in their area for open comments regarding legislation and/or ordinances. 

How do I Sign Up as a Regional Representative?
If you would like to become more involved and be active in protecting smokeless alternatives, please add yourself to our CASAA Regional Representative email list. To do that, open any email you have received from CASAA in the past and click the "Update Profile/Email Address" link at the bottom.

If you have not already signed up as a regular CASAA member, please sign up here first: Become A Member

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Thank you for becoming a Regional Representative! Without your support and involvement, CASAA would not be able to do what it does! 

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