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 Board of Directors 

Julie Woessner

Julie Woessner graduated from Duke University School of Law in 1986.  She left private practice after a decade in order to spend more time raising her family. Julie has been an active member of CASAA since its inception, and was appointed to the Board in 2012. She helps with the writing and editing, as well as providing organizational assistance. Julie also invests many hours each week researching and interpreting proposed legislation and ordinances across the country and issuing the CASAA Calls to Action, which alert members of activity in their area.

Kristin Noll-Marsh
Vice President
Kristin Noll-Marsh is small business owner and entrepreneur.  She is a founding director; elected by popular vote to the first board of directors in 2009. She currently serves as vice-president. Her efforts on behalf of CASAA include setting up and administrating CASAA's website and web store; email system; social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, CASAA Newsletter; and Constant Contact email correspondence to members. She administers the CASAA member forum and Google Plus. She also writes the posts for the official CASAA news blog, posts Calls to Action, assists with writing and sending official press releases; hosts and administrates the bi-monthly CASAA member meetings and administrates CASAA's volunteer Regional Representative group.

Karen Carey

Karen Carey is a professional accountant.  She has worked as Senior Accounting Specialist for a college in New England since 2001.  She joined the Board in December 2011, and currently serves as Treasurer. She has organized and maintains our financial information.  She prepares monthly financial updates for both board and member meetings. She has also appeared at board of health meetings to oppose local bans.

Michael Cozzi

Michael Cozzi is a former Non Profit Executive and Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocate. His presence in the e-cigarette enthusiast community has been a constant for over two years through inspecting and critiquing e-cigarette products from a consumer standpoint. He brings a significant knowledge of the industry to CASAA and previously held the position of board secretary.

Elaine Keller
Elaine Keller is retired from Battelle Memorial Institute where she served as a requirements analyst and technical writer. Prior to that, she worked in the field of instructional design and training development for over 20 years. She is a founding director; elected by popular vote in 2009 to serve on the original board of directors. She was elected president of the board in 2011. She has developed presentations and testified at numerous FDA public hearings and contributed to the content of the CASAA website. She has written press releases, brochures, handouts and other promotional and educational materials for CASAA.

Ron Ward

Ron Ward is a practicing attorney in the State of Maryland and in 2013, he started an electronic cigarette company. He was appointed to the board in July of 2010 and played a seminal role in CASAA’s formation as a Not-For-Profit Corporation.  He also envisioned, spearheaded, organizes and co-chairs the bi-weekly CASAA member meetings.  Mr. Ward is active in CASAA’s legislative efforts. 
Jan Johnson

Jan Johnson has been an activist, advocate, and consumer of smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes for 5 years. As a board member she brings her unique perspective as an advocate and activist to the CASAA corporate structure. As an activist, she has worked in grass roots movements to effect positive change related to freedom and personal responsibility. She is perhaps the most encyclopedic chronicler of news on Tobacco Harm Reduction topics and for years this has been a valuable resource for CASAA. She brings a unique personal perspective to the the board, and a critical voice to our advocacy."


Alex Clark

Alex Clark comes from a background in customer service and logistics.  Shortly after discovering the value of Tobacco Harm Reduction, he began volunteering his time for CASAA.  His daily hard work has been an asset to creating and broadcasting Legislative Calls to Action.  Additionally, he brings his copy writing experience from an effective social media campaign for THR advocacy, the Fight to Vape D.A.p.  (Daily Action Plan.)
Carl Phillips
Chief Scientific Officer
Dr. Carl V. Phillips spent most of his career as a professor of public health science -- real public health and real science -- and now works as an epidemiologic and economic consultant and as Chief Economist for the Humane Society of the United States.  He joined the board in 2012, in the role of Scientific Director, merging his public health research and education organization, TobaccoHarmReduction.org into CASAA.  In 2014, he became Chief Scientific Officer, handling most of CASAA's scientific communications.  He is the primary author of the anti-THR Lies blog. Carl is also planning to create updated content for the CASAA website under TobaccoHarmReduction.org.

  CASAA Associates   

Bill Godshall
CASAA Advisor

While he does not serve on the CASAA board of directors, Bill Godshall has served as an advisor to CASAA almost since its inception. He founded SmokeFree Pennsylvania in 1990, which has advocated policies for smoke-free air, reducing tobacco marketing to youth; expanding nicotine addiction treatment services; and educating smokers about less hazardous alternatives to cigarettes, such as electronic cigarettes and modern, smoke-free tobacco products.

  In Memoriam 

Drew Gliem
Drew Gliem was an original founding member, voted onto the Board by popular vote in 2009. Drew passed away in August 2014.  As the owner/operator of a successful and reputable electronic cigarette company in New Jersey, he provided a unique and knowledgeable insight to the board from an industry viewpoint. He helped make CASAA what it is today, and he served us well, providing wise and honest counsel for nearly 5 years. We feel his loss keenly, not only as a valued board member, but as a dear friend.

Drew's family asked that memorial donations be made to CASAA. CASAA has set up a special donation fund, the proceeds of which will go towards a future project in Drew's name.

Donations may be made here.