What is CASAA?
We are a non-profit organization with a mission is to ensure the availability of a variety of effective, affordable, reduced-harm alternatives to smoking. We do this by...
Tracking state and federal legislation involving Tobacco Harm Reduction products and issuing Calls to Action to our membership. Our Calls to Action allow consumers to connect directly with their legislators and share their informed opinions.
Issuing Local Alerts to our membership in affected areas, and also rebroadcasting information on local issues produced by various state and regional organizations.
Sharing news, research, Calls to Action, and legislative information via social media and email.
Working to encourage responsible legislative policy designed to improve public health by recognizing that smoke-free nicotine-containing products are inherently far less dangerous than smoking.
CASAA needs your support so we can defend the access, diversity, and truthful information about smoke-free alternatives. Every donation goes to fund calls to action, efforts to meet with lawmakers and regulators, and our operations. We are a non-profit organization with an all volunteer board, ensuring your contributions go directly into real advocacy.

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Recent Posts

Heads Up – News – Updates 5.22.2020

May 22, 2020 (via CASAA Twitter @CASAAMedia) Call to Action Update in California. CASAA tells FDA to reject modified risk application for Very Low Nicotine cigarettes. Michigan vape shop prevails against flavor ban. Vape junk science continues. _______________________________________________________________ CALIFORNIA: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATE!) Flavor ban bill SB 793 passed Senate Committee on Health with little debate and virtually no resistance. Contact the …

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CASAA to FDA: Reject Claims on Very Low Nicotine Cigarette Label

On May 18th, CASAA submitted its comment to the FDA regarding 22nd Century’s “Modified Risk Tobacco Product Applications for VLN™ King and VLN™ Menthol King combustible cigarettes. The “plant biotechnology company,” which focuses on reduced nicotine tobacco and hemp/cannabis plant genetics, has filed a modified risk tobacco product application (MRTP) seeking authorization from the FDA to market its very low …

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Heads Up – News – Updates 5.19.2020

May 19, 2020 (via CASAA Twitter @CASAAMedia) Oakland, CA and NY state adult flavor bans. CASAA article highlights a caring community. Nova Scotia denies THR advocate his oxygen and housing because vaping same as smoking. Tea smoking in South Africa reveals 2 truths. Research of youth lung injury patients. _______________________________________________________________ OAKLAND, CA: (UPDATE) Can the FLAVOR BAN argument that it’s about “the …

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Even With Shut Down and Devastating Bans, Vaping Community Still Helping People

One thing that is quickly apparent when joining the vaping community is how exceptionally helpful people are. Vapers are happy to encourage, support and help people who smoke switch to far safer alternatives, whether in a social media group, online forum, local vape shop or just a stranger on the street asking about vaping. Most vape shop owners say they …

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Heads Up – News – Updates 5.7.2020

(Credit: Don Delfin Espino/Unsplash)

May 7, 2020 (via CASAA Twitter @CASAAMedia) Researchers find flavor bans not evidence-based. South African smokers and vapers forced to get creative. Community faith leaders warn of consequences of bans. Maryland vape tax vetoed. Jeff Stier’s opinion on science and nicotine. _______________________________________________________________ RESEARCH: “That ship has sailed.” <-Senior author of University of Michigan youth vaping survey to policymakers/public health officials who think …

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